workshop People meet Dammerstock
Karlsruhe, 6th of May till 19th of May, international workshop, different nationalities: B, ESP, FR, GER, IT, NL, P, RUS.
A workshop about architecture and technology. Making a design in an international group;
UnItEd (United Inspirations of Europe) is: Gregory Ernst (FR), Georgina Vasquez (ESP), Joep Smeets (NL).

logo, design by Gropius

Dammerstock, 1929, just after the opening

The Dammerstock-Siedlung was realized in 1928/1929 as a try to make financial reasonable dwellings for the workingclass. That, without losing the standards for a good quality. The very modern building-technology used in that time would provide the dwellings enough air and light.
In architecture this way of building is better known as 'modernism'. Functionality was very important, before designing the dwellings, there was a lot of research and investigation in 'living'.